Find a reflexology center in Philadelphia

Reflexology centers in Philadelphia

Reflexology is known as an ancient therapeutic healing technique, which can be used today in an integrated approach to accelerate the body’s natural healing abilities. Don’t hesitate to contact an official reflexology association for confirmation of the certification of your reflexologist in Philadelphia.

Certificated reflexology services are provided in Philadelphia at:

• Feel Better Reflexology:
601 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA – (215) 928-8828

• Front Street Reflexology:
907 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA – (215) 925-2510

• Herbal Body Wraps & Reflexology:
7820 Castor Ave, Philadelphia, PA – (215) 470-5948

• International Academy of Medical Reflexology:
1701 Snyder Rd, Green Lane, PA – (215) 234-0307

• Ludlow Reflexology Center:
1812 Ludlow St, Philadelphia, PA – (215) 636-0273

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New research about the old saying: cold hands, warm heart.

New research about the old saying: cold hands, warm heart.

Cold hands, warm heart? – Research on the effect of poor circulation in the hand!

Recently, new research pointed out that the old saying ‘cold hands, warm heart’ may not be true at all! cold hands may have an effect on our social perceptions. And chronic cold hands are an indicator for Raynaud’s disease!

US researchers from the University of Colorado & Yale University have presented new research results from two studies focussed on the influence of hand temperature on the social perceptions of people. The researchers found that holding warm objects may actually make people view others more positive (in terms of ‘social warmth’), and having warm hands may also make people more generous.

The new research results indicate that hand temperature is definitely another interesting aspect to be considered during a reflexology or palm reading!

Professor John A. Bargh (Yale University) says:

“It appears that the effect of physical temperature is not just on how we see others, it affects our own behavior as well. Physical warmth can make us see others as warmer people, but also cause us to be warmer – more generous and trusting – as well.”


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Foot reflexology chart - Houston

Foot reflexology chart

Reflexology centers in Houston

When searching for a reflexologist in Houston please also consider to contact a reflexology association in order to verify the competency of the individual reflexologist.

Accredited & confirmed high-quality reflexology services are provided in Houston at:

• Sensea Studio:
11711 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX – (713) 627-0070

• Sunset Bodyworks:
909 Texas St, Houston, TX – (713) 223-5900

• Healing Hands:
3809 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX – (713) 626-8000

• Woodhouse Day Spa:
4855 Riverstone Blvd # 110, Missouri City, TX – (281) 208-9119

• Heights Massag and Day Spa:
1145 Lawrence Street, Houston, TX – (832) 618-1145

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Barbara & Kevin Kunz, reflexology pioneers.

Barbara & Kevin Kunz, reflexology pioneers.

A new reflexology study

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) November 19, 2008 — Reflexology is 93% effective in its application to 78 physical and mental conditions. This finding comes from a year-long analysis of 168 studies from twenty-three countries, recently presented by Barbara & Kevin Kunz.

This breakthrough study by Kunz & Kunz documents research-based evidence which advocates the efficiency of reflexology.

As documented in the Kunz & Kunz work, evidence from research supports the use of reflexology to pursue what has been described by the National Council of Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the NIH as a set of “master health goals: “enhance physical and mental health and wellness manage pain and other symptoms, disabilities, and functional impairment have a significant impact on a specific disease or disorder prevent disease and empower individuals to take responsibility for their health reduce selected health problems of specific populations.

Evidence-Based Reflexology provides research detailing results in addressing health goals as well as the frequency and duration with which the reflexology technique is successfully applied. For someone facing a health challenge or seeking wellness, Evidence-Based Reflexology provides a perspective about what to expect from reflexology work. Evidence-Based Reflexology shows that individuals can be empowered to participate in their own wellness through self-help use of reflexology work.


“For special populations, research cited by Kunz and Kunz shows that reflexology makes a difference. For women giving birth, pain and labor times are reduced. Anxiety and depression are reduced for postpartum women. For those receiving hemodialysis, reflexology work improves the kidney’s functions with changes in physiologic measures: an increase in red blood cells (to combat anemia concerns), increase in lymphocytes (to help fight infection), and enhances disposal of waste products. For those with diabetes, research shows that reflexology work reduces physiologic measures for diabetics and is an effective treatment for type II diabetes mellitus. Neuropathy and blood flow to the feet are also improved.”

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Reflexology for life!

November 17, 2008

Reflexology for life book
Reflexology for life

Reflexology for life book

Reflexology for life

Reflexology experts Barbara & Kevin Kunz present and explain the latest developments in the fields of reflexology. From baby reflexology to reflexology for the elderly, their book provides everything you need to know.

Their book includes dozens of beautifully illustrated photos and pictures. And if you are interested to learn the basics of reflexology and more, ‘Complete Reflexology for Life’ will definitely be a great start for you.

Barbara and Kevin Kunz are internationally recognized authorities in the field of reflexology. They have pioneered a great deal of reflexology research to improve the techniques. Both have been practitioners & teachers of the art and science of reflexology for over 25 years!

Another famous work of these reflexology experts is: ‘Reflexology, Health at Your Fingertips‘.

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Foot reflexology chart

Foot reflexology chart

What is a foot reflexology chart?

A foot reflexology chart describes how you can relate the areas of your feet to the anatomy of your body. A foot reflexology chart demonstrates how each area of your feet corresponds with certain organs & ‘body zones’. NOTICE: The foot reflexology chart presented above is presented at:, but other foot reflexology charts might show small variations due to the fact the accuracy of the reflexology charts has been in a continued debate during the past decades.

By the way, one can understand these variations in the perspective of a likewise recent development in established medical sciences:

“Only seventy years ago the medical anatomy charts were likewise very divergent in their organ location. If a surgeon then was asked about this contradiction he would point out that any of the charts might be the correct one, depending on the individual patient. Imagine a heart on the right side instead of the left? This deviation has occurred as have other organs within the abdominal cavity.”

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Reflexology can detect serious health problems

Reflexology can detect serious health problems.

Reflexology detects health problems:

Reflexology is based on massage techniques & principles thought by the old chinese health experts. Nowadays, health experts from all over the world say that with reflexology you can detect serious health problems at an early stage.

Are you not feeling well, but you have no idea why? The answer might be right at your feet!

Many years ago the Chinese health experts have been able discover how to know what is really going on with your health, simply by applying pressure to the hands and feet.

The classic reflexology theory e.g. includes that there are 104 reflex points on the bottom of your feet. These points represent specific body parts.

Your first adventure with reflexology might hurt a little, especially if you never had a reflexology massage before. But in general one can say that if you have something going on with a particular organ in your body, you’ll feel a higher level of sensitivity in certain parts of your feed (or hands). The reflexologist watches the customer’s face and if he senses pain, that could be an indication that something may need to be checked out. Reflexologists often describe their work as observing warning signs to check out potential medical problems before your health gets worse. Remember, a reflexologist is not a replacement of your general practitioner but he or she might provide you a valuable health assessment!

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Reflexologist Louise Keet

About reflexology & your feet

Louise Keet – one of Britain’s leading reflexology practitioners – explains step by step how reflexology works. (some quotes from her article are presented below)

Louise Keet is the Principal of ‘The London School of Reflexology‘ explains:

“Reflexology is a complementary therapy that is now available on the NHS. Although best administered by professionals, there are simple ways you can use this effective technique at home on members of your family – whatever their age.”

“The theory underlying reflexology is that the organs, the nerves, glands and other parts of the body are connected to reflex points on the feet and hands. These areas are found on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands, as well as on the top and sides of the feet and hands.”

“Zone therapy is the foundation of modern reflexology, whereby reflexologists apply pressure to, or massage-specific areas of the feet or hands stimulating circulation and nerve impulses to promote healing throughout the zones of the body.”

What are the major benefits of reflexology?

• Reflexology stimulates the body to heal disorders and reliefs pain
• A reflexologist neutralizes the effects of stress & promotes relaxation
• It improves the immune system, encourages circulation, and the elimination of toxins & waste products
• Other benefits of reflexolog can be: improvement of bowel movements and nerve stimulation

Reflexology: how your feet help you to heal!

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Reflexology basics

Some reflexology techniques for common conditions.

Laura Norman is a reflexologist in New York City.

About The Laura Norman Reflexology Center

“The Laura Norman Method of Reflexology empowers your whole being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to rejuvenate, strengthen and facilitate healing. Developed by world-renowned expert Reflexologist Laura Norman, her method takes the ancient practice of Reflexology beyond a healing art into a higher state of wellness through techniques such as visualization, presence of mind and spirit, connection, compassion and awareness. Laura’s relaxing therapeutic approach can assist you to focus your intentions to achieve your important goals.”

At her website Laura Norman presents herself as a reflexologist in New York:

“Laura Norman began her career in Reflexology in 1970—a time when complementary therapies were almost unheard of—and she’s been on the leading edge of the holistic health movement ever since.

More about reflexology in New York + Laura Norman’s book:

Creator of Laura Norman Reflexology, Laura is author of the best-selling book, Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology, which has sold nearly half a million copies worldwide, and is published in several languages.”

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Laura Norman Reflexology

Raising money reflexology

Raising money with reflexology

Reflexology therapy

Reflexology therapy

Raising money for cancer research:

The annual relay raises money for the American Cancer Society, celebrates cancer survivors and remembers those who lost the battle. Regina Brown of Monee, chairman of the 2008 relay, said this year she invited providers of supplementary health treatments, such as massage therapists and reflexology, to be part of the health pavilion tent.

SOURCE: Raising money for cancer research

Connie Webster-Young and a group of 10 friends circled the Rich Central High School track in Olympia Fields with a large banner showing the smiling face of their late friend, Cheryl McCowan, who succumbed to ovarian cancer two years ago.The group, which called itself “Cheryl’s Crew,” was one of many relay teams participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life South Suburbs on Saturday at Rich Central.

She was my best friend,” said Glenwood resident Webster-Young of Cheryl, the late wife of University Park Mayor Al McCowan.

Relay participants walked the outdoor track over a 15-hour period, from 3 p.m. Saturday to 6 a.m. Sunday. Walkers did blindfolded laps, three-legged laps, disco laps, skipping laps and barefoot laps, among others.

The annual relay raises money for the American Cancer Society, celebrates cancer survivors and remembers those who lost the battle. Homewood Mayor Rich Hofeld gave the opening address, while Hazel Crest Mayor Robert Donaldson, a prostate cancer survivor, gave the survivor’s speech. Cancer survivors and caregivers were treated to a dinner in the survivor tent. The Jesse White Tumblers were the headline performers.

Regina Brown of Monee, chairman of the 2008 relay, said this year she invited providers of supplementary health treatments, such as a massage therapist and reflexology, to be part of the health pavilion tent.

“We’re showing different types of treatments that patients can use in conjunction with traditional medicine,” Brown said.

Renee Seibert of Homewood was offering reflexology treatments to participants. Seibert is the owner of Renee Marie’s Healing, which specializes in reflexology, ear reflexology, yoga instruction and facials. She was giving Lambert Caldwell of Country Club Hills a relaxing ear reflexology treatment. Caldwell, who teaches massage therapy at the Soma Institute in Chicago, came out with six of his students to treat walkers, cancer patients and survivors to soothing massages.

“It’s good experience for my students and it’s an opportunity for them to come out into the community and help people,” Caldwell said. Joy Jones, owner of Serenity Mobile Massage, said massage “brings back oxygen to the muscles, reduces stress, and improves circulation.”

Jones said she served her internship in the cancer ward of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. “It was a great experience to be on that end of the spectrum. I know the patients benefited from the treatments. So when I was called by Regina Brown to participate in the relay, I was all aboard. I’m very excited about what the American Cancer Society represents and I want to give back to the community. That’s why I’m out here.”


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